Web3's Best
Football Game

Welcome to K9ICKS

The world’s premier Web3 Football Community.

With our unique and vibrant collection of NFTs and an intuitive e-sports-style betting system...

We’re bridging the gap between blockchain, sports and gaming to deliver the most immersive football management experience ever released on any platform.

But K9ICKS is more than a game.

We’re giving sports enthusiasts around the world a place to call home, fostering a friendly — yet competitive — environment to unite folks around the world through their love of football.

With our partner projects’ NFTs featured as in-game “Team Manager” characters, delivering unique in-game performance bonuses...we’re opening doors for players across the NFT space to join us in making K9ICKS the leader in Web3 sports gaming.

K9 Origins

Rise of the pack

Embark on an epic journey with the Ultimate 'K9s' - the genetically modified dogs who are on a mission to become the 'Commissioners Champion' and rule over the Galactic League. As the competition heats up, dark and ominous powers emerge from the shadows - Who are they? Why are they here?

Follow the story to unravel the mysteries.



Building your dream team is at the forefront of the K9ICKS experience — recruit thousands of unique canine footballer NFTs through our classic card pack system...
Hunting down the rarest, most powerful cards as you race toward your ultimate goal of dominating the pitch with the perfect team.


, When you secure your spot on the K9ICKSLIST to participate in the OG NFT mint, you’re cementing your position as a member of the exclusive OG Club... giving you access to:
  • Chances to win a IRL Stadium Tour Experience
  • 1-on-1s with Professional Footballers
  • Professional Footballer Meet & Greets
  • European Travel Experiences - Travel to Europe from anywhere in the world so experience a jam-packed weekend of football at your favorite club!
  • Signed Jerseys from your favorite teams
  • Minimum 70 OVR ratings on your cards
  • Distinct performance advantages on all of your OG-minted cards
  • Free k9 token airdrop up to 1k


, You’ll also have the incredible opportunity to win unique 1-of-1 ‘Wolves’ cards, becoming a member of the Wolf Pack and gain access to further benefits, including:
  • Exclusive Alpha group access
  • IRL Networking opportunities
  • Free K9 Token airdrops worth up to $10,000
  • Free NFTs from partnered communities
  • Higher ratings on cards
  • And so much more...


By implementing our unique & deflationary 're-roll' mechanism, we enable a gradual reduction in our overall supply, thus accentuating the scarcity of our collection.

Re-roll any underiable cards for a discounted rate to improve your selection

Receive new card

Aquire a new selection of card/s in your search for 'rares', all at a fraction of the regular cost.

Old card burned

The old card will be removed from the total supply and burnt, intensifying the rarity of our collection.

Partners & Advisors

Blokpad are a reputable launchpad and incubation provider within Web3 with experience launching dozens of exciting new tokenised projects. Simon and his team are proud advisors of K9 and will help lead our project and ecosystem to success.

Soga World is a creative agency and management platform that empowers those with the vision to bring the past into the future. They bridge gaps between Web3 and many other industries such as music, sports and entertainment. With clients that include Aitch, Limewire & Ne-Yo, they’re well placed to help advise on the Web3 specicif elements of the project.

The Co-Founders of Frequency Advisors, Zack Zeldin and Billy Levy are joining the K9 advisory team. Bringing their experience through founding well known peer-to-peer wagering platform Virgin Gaming; and their more recent successful launch Rivalry E-Sports book. They are perfectly well positioned to steer K9 towards success and onboarding different users within the Web3; and in particular, the peer-to-peer wagering sector.

FAS are a full service sports agency with some of the biggest names in sport on their books. Dozens of world level football stars, world champion boxers and Olympic mega-stars are all proudly signed to FAS. We're honoured to be aligned with such a fantastic agency that will enable us to showcase K9 to sports stars and their fans on a global stage.

The K9icks Team


Kam has been immersed in the digital world for a number of years, He is founder of a Creative Design Agency based in London.

He has vast experience in graphic design and social media management and as the world progresses, Kam has been heavily involved in the Blockchain industry and has developed and consulted for various successful projects around the world!


With over 8 years in the affiliate and digital marketing sector, Elliott has a varied skillset that he’s been applying emphatically to web3 for the past 2 years.

An avid NFT collector, influencer & advisor, Elliott is a strong and valued member of the team.


Thomas boasts over 7 years of experience in Web & Software development, providing services to various SMEs through his career. Thomas has always had a real interest for the Web3 space and what started as a hobby of interest, has now lead him to be a full functioning developer and support consultant for many existing and upcoming projects within the Web3 space. His most recent challenge being working full-time with K9 to take our product live!


Pete is a 10 year crypto veteran with an extensive 20 year history in marketing and business development, with his recent years focused on and fully emersed in the blockchain industry. Pete has served and given value in consulting, brand development and community growth for various projects.


Jeff has worked in the marketing industry for over 10 years and has worked with some of the biggest crypto companies globally including Nexo, Celsius and Whitebit exchange. He has helped build marketing strategies for several crypto start ups and is currently the CMO for another crypto gaming studio.


Arvin is an extremely experienced multimedia designer with hands-on experience throughout the design space. Arvin and the team have crafted our high end 3D NFT models, cards, accessories and traits all from scratch.


Ayyaaz has a successful career working in UX; Ayyaaz ventured into Web3 as he wanted to pursue a passion project within blockchain and decentralised finance. This led him to become part of the K9 team as one of our front end developers.


Hello! My name is Asylix. I’m the Community Manager for K9ICKS.

I am an avid gamer and have competed amongst the top in the world in multiple gaming titles. I have 6 years of professional marketing experience, 12+ years of professional tournament hosting and gaming experience, and 2 years of community management experience.


Over 200 premier league games, 20 years as a professional footballer & a successful entrepreneur with a network that spans the globe (on and off the pitch). Jason is part of the founding team at K9 and will be working closely with the rest of the team to build the ecosystem.

Jason's real value will come from exclusive access to sporting stars, clubs, management agencies and companies as well as promoting the project to onboard web2 users to web3.